GIFT TO THE BAND / Donate what you want


GIFT TO THE BAND / Donate what you want

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Here you can just support us the way you want. 

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Making music nowadays is very difficult.
Less people buy albums, less people go to shows. Some do it of course and that's lovely.
But also many people love music but are not interested in getting physical copies of an album or don't want to give Itunes money which we also fully understand.

Here you can donate what you want, the money goes 100% to the band.
You don't buy anything, you won't get anything except an email to thank you, but you mostly and efficiently contribute to help the band make another album in good conditions. Some people like this way to support, others don't and prefer buying goods, others prefer to go to shows. Each are good, as long as you support the bands you like.
Be it with 1€ or 20€, it's going directly to us, not to the label, not to any distributor or shop.

Making an album costs a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of energy.
Years will pass and thousand of copies must be sold before before we can pay back the studio costs.
We thought setting this donation option was a good way for those who want to support directly the bands to do it.

We hope you like out music
We hope to continue making music in good conditions too, thanks to you.
Whatever you do, as long as you listen to Les Discrets, it's an honour for us anyway!!!

Thanks a lot,
Audrey and Fursy