The witch (left blurred), Hansel and Gretel

// THE VISION BLEAK - Music Video

My first stop motion film ever. Before starting it, I just had no clue about how to make puppets, sets, animation etc. Yeah, I must agree that I went into that journey in a very risky way but that's the way I like it. I remember a tour bus driver once told us, as we were driving by a cliff "No risk no fun". mh... At that precise moment I didn't take it well. Now with distance I must admit that's true.

Well. This film took 2 months and 3 weeks to be done. 1 month of researches and documentation about how to make a stop motion film (!!!), 7 weeks of set/puppets making, and the remaining days for animation/compositing. 

I LOVED it. Stop Motion is what fits to my way of working the most. Barely no computers, just you, in the dark, music in the background, together with puppets and a miniature set. This is the perfect job. 

I posted here a few pictures of the work in progress. You can see my colleague François-Marc BAILLET animating a shot. His help and talent were damn precious!

Thanks to Coline DESCLIDES too who did the puppets clothes.